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If you have frequent migraines and jaw pain/clicking, you might have something that is called Temporomandibular disorders. (TMD). Dr. Stoller at ProGrin Dental of Simpsonville provides personalized treatment to help your jaw pain go away. As a result, you will be able to get through your day without having to worry about migraines.


  • Grinding or clenching teeth

  • Stress

  • Injury to the jaw

  • Eating hard or chewy foods

  • Arthritis

  • Improper disk alignment


Nearly 1 of 2 women between the ages of 16 – 65 are suffering from TMD related symptoms. The word “migraine” is commonly used in reference to “bad or recurring headaches.” But there can be other reasons for a “bad headache” that might not be an actual migraine headache. On the other hand, the symptoms of TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) are very similar to the symptoms of a migraine. These migraines are directly caused by inflammation in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Because of the similarities, TMD can be misdiagnosed as such.

  • Pain or tenderness of your jaw

  • Aching pain in and around your ear

  • Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing

  • Locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or close your mouth

  • Frequent headaches/migraines


90 – 95% of TMD patients are successfully treated using the patented Urbanek Device without surgery and without medications. Dr. Urbanek’s TMJ Splint is a small acrylic piece that fits comfortably in the mouth. It is uniquely designed to relieve the jaw joint inflammation. It’s more than just a dental splint or mouthguard… it’s a life-changer!

  • Urbanek Splint

  • Over the counter medicine 

  • Heating and cooling pad

  • Soft foods

  • Night guard

About Dr. Stoller

  • A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina

  • Received training through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) for non-surgical and non-invasive facial aesthetic injectable techniques, as well as TMJ and facial pain therapy.

  • Proficient in cosmetic dentistry, including the latest in whitening procedures, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, and treatment of TMJ dysfunction and migraines.

Dr. Kevin J. Stoller

Your Simpsonville, SC Dentist

Dr. Kevin J. Stoller grew up in Evansville, Indiana and remains a Hoosier at heart! Greenville has been his home since 1997. He and his wife, Andreina, have two beautiful daughters, Anna Valentina and Elena. They also have a Labrador Retriever named Stella.

Dr. Kevin J. Stoller has been practicing dentistry in the Greenville area for over 20 years. He has participated in extensive post-graduate continuing education, bringing the most current knowledge in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and dental technology. Advancements in techniques, materials, and technology all mean better care and results for my patients.

He received training through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) for non-surgical and non-invasive facial aesthetic injectable techniques, as well as TMJ and facial pain therapy.

In 2013, he started the Carolina Headache Center and obtained his certification in Trudenta Neurophysiological for the treatment of TMJ dysfunction and migraines.

When not caring for his patients, he loves spending time with his wife and daughters and traveling whenever they have the opportunity. Dr. Kevin J. Stoller also enjoys sports, working out, snow skiing, playing golf and tennis. He is an active member of his church and very passionate about his faith, family, and building trusting relationships with his patients.

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