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Why we love the Woodruff Community


Woodruff Dental Office

Why do you love your Woodruff community? What makes it special?

"At ProGrin, we love the small town feel of the Woodruff community. It’s very easy to find a connection with each patient whether it is from the church one attends, where someone works, or how his/her neighbor’s cousin’s wife comes to see us also. It makes it feel like we’re one big family. Woodruff is unique in the way everyone cares for everyone else. "

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What do you love about the professional community of Woodruff?

"We enjoy a close relationship with many local specialists that we trust with helping to provide the best care for our patients. We value the specialists that we refer to for their honestly in diagnosing treatment and their ability to explain the necessary treatment in terms that the patient can understand. We are confident that all the specialists we refer to have the same goal in mind that WE do, the patients’ health and well-being!"

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What is a local team you sponsor?

"We love supporting our Woodruff High Football team! One of the coolest things about Woodruff is to see how passionate they are about Wolverine Football. During football season I love to see everyone walking around town in their maroon and gold shirts. We feel honored to be able to support the Woodruff football team. The Wolverine football team definitely gives us something to cheer about!"


What our Woodruff Community is saying about ProGrin Dental:

“Love this office! They are so caring…They are such a blessing to my family and this community!”

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What’s your favorite restaurant in town?

"We are fortunate to have many delicious choices, but I have to say for me it is a toss up between Bronco’s and Mustard Seed, depending on my mood. Mexican or BBQ, good dilemma to have!"

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What are some of the ways you give back to your Woodruff Community?

"I am honored to serve on the on the board of the Woodruff Community Center. The community center has such a big heart for Woodruff and does so many great things for this town. We also participate with events on Main St., and other local organizations and help with events they put on. We take treat to teachers and lead dental education sessions at the schools. We are blessed to have a great relationship with Woodruff Church of God and love to team up with them on all sorts of community events!"

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What is your favorite community event and why?

"Christmas on Poole St. is my favorite community event because it’s at a special time of year where we can use gifts that God has blessed us with to help make others happy. Our entire staff always looks forward to participating in Christmas on Poole St because it is an awesome opportunity that we have to serve others and put a smile on their face during the Christmas season! It’s also wonderful to see the community come together to celebrate Jesus’ birth."


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