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Our Woodruff dental team


Meet the team at ProGrin Dental of Woodruff, South Carolina. We’re a quirky, classy, and fun bunch (or at least we like to think we are… you can be the judge) made up of several dental professionals: dentists, hygienists, assistants, and a dog. Yes, a dog. The BEST and ONLY Certified Office Therapy Dog in Upstate Woodruff!

Hello, we’re the Woodruff dental team of ProGrin


Photo of Dr. Kaley Peek, dentist at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC

Dr. Kaley Peek: Your Woodruff, SC dentist

A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry.

She has volunteered dental care in Honduras and the United States.

Also, Dr. Peek is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Special Care Dentistry Association, the Piedmont District Dental Society, and the Greenville County Dental Society.

Dr. Eric Rackley, our ProGrin dentist in Woodruff, SC.

Dr. Eric Rackley: Your Woodruff, SC dentist

Dr. Rackley graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and has been practicing dentistry for more than 33 years.

He proudly joined the ProGrin Family in June of 2018.

A fun fact about Dr. Rackley: He has a black belt in karate – but don’t worry, he won’t use his karate on you.

Photo of Jamie at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC

Jamie Beth

Jamie Beth Ivey is from the big ole’ town of Union, SC. She loves anything outside, from hunting and fishing, to kayaking down the river.
She and Dustin are expecting their first child, a sweet baby boy, in December. She also has a PERFECT four-legged daughter (weenie dog)
named Rivers. Her daddy makes her share custody of Rivers…she is the favorite… she never asks for much.

Photo of Gena at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC


Gena is originally from the Enoree, Woodruff area. Proud to call Enoree her home, she has a lot of friends and family that come through the office.  She has been married to Nick for 7 years and they have 2
wonderful daughters. Ellie is 5 yrs old and Emerson is 3 years old. She has been with ProGrin for 4 years now. She loves spending time with
her family.

Photo of Bim at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC


Bim has been with ProGrin dental since August 2015. She love working with the company and being able to give the patient “The perfect
patient experience”. Beyond working, she is a mother to two
daughters, Ty’A & Nadya, and a son Ethan. She enjoys running and hiking. She also loves to eat.

Photo of Lisa at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC


Lisa is our smiley, hilarious assistant who enjoys eating saltine crackers with mayo (a recipe she says she was handed down 50 years)! She enjoys spending time with her little girls and working with her ProGrin family in Woodruff.

photo of Stephanie of the ProGrin Woodruff dental team


Let’s just say this: the only two things you really need to
know about Stephanie are… 1) don’t cross her when she’s hungry AND 2) she loves animals. Better watch out because she’s even been known to steal the neighbor’s dog. Oh, just kidding! Well, kind of. On a more serious note, she enjoys any cute animation movie and most the time you can find her doing DIY home improvements or crafts on the weekends.

photo of Bonnie of the ProGrin Woodruff dental team


Bonnie is a Woodruff native. She makes some of the best food in town and is constantly eager to share her recipes with her ProGrin family. And we love her for that! She is the second longest standing member of the ProGrin team and the Ayers’ family have loved every minute of working with her.

Photo of Barley Peek, Certified Office Therapy Dog at ProGrin Dental Woodruff, SC

Barley Keep, Certified Office Therapy Dog for Anxiety-Free Dental Appointments

This heart-stealing chocolate lab’s name is Barley. Our dentists and Barley form a power team that revolutionizes dentistry for kids and patients with high-fear or anxiety due to bad dental experiences or barriers.

Barley is always available for some downtime, a pet, a chat, or a treat. She’s never too busy and she always greets you like you’re the coolest person on earth.

Learn more in this video about ProGrin’s Certified Office Therapy Dog, Barley!


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To your health,

The Woodruff ProGrin Dental team


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