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Your cosmetic dentist Greenville SC, Dr. Gregory Ayers has been the harmful effects of sugar on the body and is here to share more about what this toxic substance will do if not kept in check. Because the body cannot digest sugar, the result is fermentation. Fermentation affects the pH of our blood because with too much acid destroys good bacteria and the intestinal flora. Candida albicans can result because sugar affects the flora balance in the body and creates yeast infections through the elevated levels of fermented substance.

Another harmful effect of sugar according to cosmetic dentist Greenville SC, Dr. Greg Ayers is osteoporosis. Calcium cannot be used by the bones without the presence of phosphorus. Sugar wastes our phosphoric stores and calcium may be in the body, but is not in the proper form. The body borrows calcium from bones and teeth as a result. Many people think that dentists tell their patients to avoid sugar because of the harmful effects of the acidic saliva on enamel. However, the imbalance of calcium in the blood stream is even more harmful because the body will steal calcium from the teeth leading to decay. Because refined sugar has lost its minerals, it will eat minerals off the tooth. If you were to take two freshly extracted teeth and soak them in refined sugar vs raw sugar. The one soaked in refined sugar would be full of holes.

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Advice from Cosmetic Dentist Greenville SC, Dr. Greg Ayers

Sugar also attacks the ability of the white blood cells to do their job. White blood cells search the body and attack any foreign substances that it finds. In addition, sugar also binds to proteins that are in the digestive track and creates what is called glycenated protein. Because the body does not contain enzymes to break down these foreign substances, the digestive system has to work extremely hard. If you eat a lot of meat and sugar together at one time you may feel slightly nauseated (BBQ Ribs).


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